13. maj 2014 15:01

Beretning fra en begejstret turist


My wife and I just came back from Copenhagen. I am writing to tell you how shocked we are. People in Copenhagen were so nice that all our travels through Europe fade in comparison! Everyone smiled and took genuine interest in conversing, answering questions, serving or helping. Unbelievable, simply unbelievable.

We are from London, so our standards of expecting politeness are fairly low, still the way people interacted with us, all the time, everyone, consistently, is incredible. I must mention, that we are British Indians, in other words of south Asian descent, we have experienced unpleasant treatment in many countries because of our ethnic origin. But in Denmark, we were treated like anyone else, we were never made to feel that we looked slightly different.

No wonder Denmark is rated as the happiest country in the world, if people are comfortable with their own lives, they treat others with respect. We have been to so many countries and we have never experienced such genuine social exchange anywhere as we did in Denmark. Seems like a different planet.

We remain pleasantly shocked.

A.S. from London